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rather long and tortuous large bowel?

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Hi all,had my results from the barium enema x-ray today. The Consultant Surgeon writes: "your large bowel is rather long and tortuous and this may give problems leading towards constipation and irritable bowel syndrome but there is certainly no abnormality to be worried about"
. Ofcourse I'm happy that they haven't found anything serious, but now what? In the two months since I've discovered this BB I haven't seen this statement as a 'reason' for IBS, anyone else ever heard of this? Fay (D-type, now a bit under control with calcium carbonate)
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It happens occasionally, not in alot of IBSers, but in a few. K.------------------I have no financial, academic, or any other stake in any commercial product mentioned by me.My story and what worked for me in greatly easing my IBS:
When I had the barium enema x-ray it showed that I had an extra large bowel. I ask the Doctor what that meant and he said it is just the way you were born.
He didn't seem concerned, nor did the test tell me anything about my G condition
------------------Prayer doesn't change God , it changes the one who prays..C type, with G
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Fay, that's exactly what my report stated after my colonscopy. However, my Dr. did not believe that it would contribute to C. I don't see how a 'long, tortuous' colon COULDN't aggravate C! It seems to me, that if it's longer and winds around all over the place, that stuff would sit in there longer! Or maybe our colon just doesn't function as well because of the length, etc. I don't know. I'm curious what other doctors would say. Seems to me, our report says the same thing but 2 different doctors are saying just the opposite.
Fay,Hi am emailing from Australia.I have had IBS since I was 12 (now 43)Had a lot of tests when I was overseas in the UK and was told the same thing - that my large intestine & bowel were oversized. They also told me that my pelivc muscles were weak & a "Harley Street Specialist" performed an operation called a rectopixy on me in 1984 - now I'm no better & I have a big teflon donut inside me which has adhered to my insides & is causing more problems.If you find out anything about this I would love to know.
The docs aren't alarmed by IBS as long as the colon lining looks normal. Their main concern is cancer. They figure discomfort isn't pathology. That is what I gleaned after going through my current bout with IBS. And I am over it -- I say with cautious optimism. ------------------Jim
Hi all,thanks for the reactions, yesterday I was in a bad mood, you want results, but ofcourse not bad results,and also not the 'there is something but it is not serious and you'll just have to live with it' stuff (am I making sense ?). Feeling a bit better today! I was wondering though, could having a long and winding large bowel be something genetic? My mother and sisters all do have the occasional run to the toilet thing, but noone has it as bad as I have. And yes, I would think it is probable that a long and winding bowel is not very helpful when you have C, but I don't understand why it would be so for D, unless ofcourse you think about more bowel, more nerve-cells, more reasons for irritation.The dr. doesn't want to do anymore tests, says it is definitely IBS. I am still wondering what to do next, take an allergy bloodtest, try another diet, convince the dr. to do more tests or just leave it for now. My urgent D-attacks are not daily anymore, thanks to the calcium, but they haven't totally stopped (and since the barium enema I've had more D-attacks and heartburn as well), so I'm not really confident yet.Oh well, I'll try and gather my thoughts.Thanks again,Fay
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I have the same, redundant colon. It is long and twisty. I mostly have C and G with D sometimes. I use enteric coated peppermint from Enzamatic therapy ( a vitamin company). This helps reduce the spasms without the side effects of drugs like Bentyl. I take St. John's Wort for anxiety and depression. I use the Kira brand found in CVS. It causes no side effects unlike Prozac and other prescription antidepressants. The best solution to the constipation, I have found, is the olive oil thearpy. I stir 2T into a cup of prune juice to get things moving again. the prune juice adds to the gas so I am thinking about experimenting with adding the oil to lemon juice or something like that. I also had an Elisa test (delayed food sensitivity) about 10 years ago that helped me out a lot. I stopped eating gluten and most milk products and a few other odds and ends that the test indicated I was sensitive to. This made a BIG difference. The leap people that advertise on the BB is similar to the Elisa and more up to date. Good luck and be well!
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I was told after my last colonscopy that my colon has lots of twists and turns in it and that my organs are all "compacted" down there in a relatively small space. (Thus, colonscopies are a bit painful for me...I wake up at times, while the doc is going around the bend!)
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