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Sorry that yoour Mom had to go through that. Hope the surgery goes well.Not only do we have to demand proper medical for ourselves but also our parents. It infuriates me when they are sent on their way and told "don't worry it's just old age". My father was not feeling well for quite a while . I told him I didn't think the things he was experiencing were normal but he said the Dr. didn't make a big deal about it. Well lo and behold when they finally gave him a chest xray they found a tumor that was in-operable. He was gone in 3 mos. I was living out of state then but I really regret that I didn't storm that Drs office and make him listen.I asked my mother who is 75 if her Dr. recommended a bone density test and she said no. Everything I've read said they should be given after age 50. She told the Dr. she wanted one and they discovered that she has osteoporosis (sp?) and arthritis in her hip.No wonder she has been limping around.She also asked about a colonoscopy. Dr. said it would probably be a good idea.Really? We both go to a gyno that doesn't do anything but the pap when we go for yearly exams. No internal. Looking for a new Dr. I realize Drs. are busy and (some) work long hours but there seems to be a lot of room for improvement.
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