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really odd feeling, hurts too.

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I know this is going to sound really odd to some of you but here goes anyway. Do any of you get pain around your rectum if you strain to go to the bathroom? It almost feels like it is either bruised or that part of your colon is going to come out.I had taken 2 immodium on tuesday and ended up not having a bm until last night. Very very uncommon for me since I have D about 6-9 times a day sometimes more. But Sunday during the day I kept feeling like I had to go, lots of pressure on rectum, but when I sat down to go nothing would happen, even when I pushed. Almost like it was stuck. (Some would come out but not dislodge and end up getting sucked back in. Sorry so graphic) Anyway, finally Sunday night I had enough, I ate a lot of junk to try and go bm. But when I finally did I had to push really hard. Gave myself a massive headach. And when it finally came out it felt a little better but rectum now feels like it is majorly bruised. When I sit in a chair it hurts really bad, and when I sit on the toilet and relax my muscles it almost feels like I am ripping open and my colon is going to fall out. Really scary feeling. I don't know if I damaged my colon by pushing so damn hard or if this is a normal occurance if constipated. Never been that constipated before. Any feedback? I am really nervous that I did some damage like pushing my colon down while pushing, or tearing it inside, or doing any other type of damage. All I know is that it hurts down there really bad like I bruised it beyond belief. I could really use some insight on this.Thanks,Sandi
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oh dear. Do you think you might have haemarrhiods? Sounds to me like you just pushed a bit too hard, having D myself when I get C I have a tendency to do that too and it can cause external and internal piles. I know it's frustrating but take a good book and contemplate, it will help in the future.For now though go see the doc he can check things out for you.------------------Pink
Yeh you could have haemorrhoids, or torn yourself a little. Go see your doc., to have a look-see.
You have hemmorhoids. I can say that because of your "graphic" description. Use any of the Preparation H type things. (brand not important. You may find one you prefer.)It eases not only the pain, but stops that awful "stuck" sensation which is exactly what it feels like. You've stretched the "fabric" of the last bit of your intestines and are indeed trying to expel it. The hemmorrhoid stuff has an analgesic to ease the pain, but, just like it says in the commercial, "shrinks " that abused bit of tissue back to its original placement. Other people here have advised you to go see you doctor, and I say ask about it the next time you're there, surely. Meanwhile, try an OTC remedy which helps!!
I used to do something sort of like what you're talking about when I was younger, like 10 years old...I hope I didn't have my hemmies back then! (I'm 23 now.)I think I had a hard time telling when everything was out. I'd keep pushing and pushing, and mom or a dr or someone said at one point that I was sort of pushing part of my rectum inside-out. When I stopped pushing, it sucked back in. And it was mucus-y. I know because I thought maybe I could just wipe it away and be done with it, and all I got was mostly mucous.. I know, ew.... I think the hemmies feel more like a little bit of poo stuck inside, whereas I think the old stuff was a larger feeling of overall still having to go. But that was a long time ago. I don't think I had IBS then, either.Sometimes I've just got to tell myself that yes it feels like there's something still there, but I just need to stop trying to get it out, and wait for more of an urge. Whether that means sitting on the toilet a while longer, or pulling up my pants and doing something else for a while. Usually I wait a little longer on the pot, then get up...and I eventually forget about the goofy feeling in my bum, if it's just hemmies. If I really do have more waiting to come out, I get the urge to go before too long.
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hi, I feel that tons since I have IBS-C. When I get constipated I'm used to feeling like that. Have you had it since then? It's probably just the OD on the immodium. You'll probably be feeling better in no time.-Amy
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