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recently discovered Green Drink!

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hi all. i do not work for this company nor do i endorse any products without the disclaimer that i don't know if they would work for others besides myself but here goes; have recently discovered two incredible products that have totally helped me pain-wise, bloating-wise and C-wise. one is a probiotic called Primal Defense and the other is Green Drink called Perfect Food, both about $45 each and both made by Garden of Life products ( - not cheap but not outrageous either and found in any good health food store or emporium. i highly recommend them, no kidding. g-
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quote:both about $45
You can buy liquid chlorophyll for $3, probably just as effective.
I remember years sgo after a car accident I started seeing a Chiropractor. We were talking about herbals and I asked him about my Acne. He recommended something called Sun Chlorella, which was a green drink (tasted like sludge from a lawn mower blade
). Anyway he told me that it would cause me to have a BM after eating. It did, and it helped my skin too, but that summer I worked on an Orchard...miles from a bathroom, so I discontinued use. I totally forgot about that it was quite a few years ago.Glad to hear you found relief.Kari
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to Internal Combustion: clearly, if the Green Drink just contained chlorophyl, i would buy only chlorophyl. (sp?) - it has many other ingredients, obviously, that contribute vites, minerals and oligo-elements that chlorophyl alone does not.
Hi, ghitta, long time no see. i'm suffering again (still) that's why i'm here. I have used green drinks in the past..and liked them, and they seemed to help.maybe i'll get some again. the brand I tried was Green Magma, I've also tried Kyo-Green....didn't seem as effective. Green magma is about 25 $ . and also has the other good ingredients. thanks for this tidbit of advice and reminder.
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