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Redbook magazine

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I received a phone call from a very nice lady in Texas yesterday. Apparently my story was printed in the letter to the editor section of the August issue of Redbook magazine (I think. I looked in September's issue and it wasn't there). She said she looked up my phone number on the Internet by searching with my name and city. She said she took Lotronex and she didn't know anything about our group. I gave her the and the websites to start her off. Her name is Carolyn (spelling?, so if you see any posts from her, lets welcome her. When she called, I was getting ready to leave for my wedding dress fitting and was in a hurry. Plus she threw me off guard, and I neglected to tell her of the petition that Verna is coordinating. If she begins posting, either here or on the ibsgroup website, tell her about the petition. I'm sorry I didn't tell her when I talked to her.
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Hi all!I finally found my letter that was published in the Redbook magazine. It is in the October issue that is just now available in the stores. It really takes our side regarding IBS and treatments.
Hi.. i happened to get ahold of a copy of it and i think it was great...i saw the original article about the drugs and saw they mentioned glad u wrote them to clear it up and that they printed it...
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Funny enough, I was getting my hair done & she handed me the Oct. issue of it. I saw it! I didn't know you were 27, I'm 29.
LotronexLover,Yes, we're a couple of spring chickens, huh? Too bad we feel like we're 50 years old (maybe I'm speaking for myself now)
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