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relief in 2 days

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I am taking 2 Phillips good fiber gummies and 1package of Metamucil multigrain wafers.(Cinnamon spice taste like ginger snaps). I was on up to 8 immodiums a day, Lomotil etc. This idea is my own and it is working for me, I have no bloating and can go out to eat without worrying where the bathroom is, I have also lost 15 lbs that I needed. I hope this can help someone else, I have suffered with ibs-d for over 20 years and I am finally getting my life back. Ibs-d contolled me now I am controlling it. Doctors were not sympathetic and tried to tell me it was in my head, just watch what I ate and would tell me to keep a journal of foods that I ate. They did not believe me when I would tell them tea could send me into the bathroom.

Please try this and I hope it works for you too, I know it is not harmful, Beneful did not help nor did Fibercom, only the combination I spoke of. Wishing everyone good luck. in 2 days
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i've seeing at least 5 gi specialist drs. and i haven't met one that is sympathetic or empathetic to our ibs issues. sometimes i wish all gi dr get ibs sx to know first hand how debilitating it is. so they can be more proactive to help us.
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