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relief in 2 days

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I am taking 2 Phillips good fiber gummies and 1package of Metamucil multigrain wafers.(Cinnamon spice taste like ginger snaps). I was on up to 8 immodiums a day, Lomotil etc. This idea is my own and it is working for me, I have no bloating and can go out to eat without worrying where the bathroom is, I have also lost 15 lbs that I needed. I hope this can help someone else, I have suffered with ibs-d for over 20 years and I am finally getting my life back. Ibs-d contolled me now I am controlling it. Doctors were not sympathetic and tried to tell me it was in my head, just watch what I ate and would tell me to keep a journal of foods that I ate. They did not believe me when I would tell them tea could send me into the bathroom.

Please try this and I hope it works for you too, I know it is not harmful, Beneful did not help nor did Fibercom, only the combination I spoke of. Wishing everyone good luck. in 2 days
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I am taking 2 Phillips good fiber gummies
Phillips good fiber gummies contain inulin.

Individuals with IBS or Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis should avoid foods containing inulin
Why do some types of fibre make things worse?

I'll pass, thanks.
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