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Hi 4366, since the doctors are willing to put you on Questran, do not worry at this time about hemmorhoids or weightloss. You say your D is really bad, first thing you want to do is stop the pain and Diarrhea. I have just read on another thread about a D patient who is on Questran, can now eat everything and is actually gaining weight. I was wondering, did you have your gall bladder removed? Questran seems to be working especially well for those of us without a gall bladder because it binds the fatty acids. One more thing, the real "Wonderdrug" for chronic diarrhea is Lotronex. Thanks to Jeffrey Roberts, and many members of the IBS Support Group, Lotronex hopefully will be available again soon. Please let me know how you are doing on the Questran. you can reach me on: Good Luck!
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