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Resistant Yeast Infection

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I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread or post to Juli-Ann's. Someone on there asked if yeast infections are more common among IBSers, and I'm curious about that, also. I think I've had a low-grade one ever since 1991, when I took antibiotics for a whole year for a supposed bladder infection. (It turned out I had an ovarian tumor pressing on my bladder, and the "infection" cleared up after surgery earlier this year.) Since then, I've been more-or-less keeping the yeast under control with OTC Monistat.Then, just over a month ago, my gyno prescribed Vagifem estrogen suppositories, and a week later I got a cortisone shot in the elbow for a tendon tear. BAM! Looking at the microscope, my gyno said it was the worst yeast infection he'd ever seen. (And, sheesh, how many must he have seen in 18 years?) I took oral Nizoral for 10 days, and it didn't help a bit. I couldn't get hold of the doctor last week, so I tried three days of over-the-counter Mycelex. Things got worse. The itching is unbearable. (There's also a white, fuzzy rectal discharge.) I have a follow-up appointment next Thursday (six days away!). Why is this thing not getting better? The insert on the Mycelex said that resistant yeast infections can be a sign of diabetes, AIDs or other immune disorder. I've tested negative for the first two, so what could be going on? Also, I don't want to try any home treatments right now for fear of suppressing things just enough to make the doctor think I'm cured when I go in next week, but what can I do for some RELIEF?
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Ziglady,Did your doctor try you on Diflucan? I know most of the time they will only give me one pill, but it usually takes two pills to clear mine up. Also, there is a cream that they can give you called Nystantin & Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream. I am so sorry you are having to suffer with this. As far as having a chronic infection, I would think that since you had to take antibiotics for such a long time, that had to mess up the bacteria balance in your body. Maybe your bodynot had enough time to get back the bacteria back in balance. Hope you get some relief and get well soon!
Zig...I can't remember if you are married or have a boyfriend. If you do and you are sexually active; there is a chance that he caught the yeast infection from you and you guys keep giving it back and forth to each other; thus it is having problems going away. (this has happened to some friends of mine)Also, is your doc sure it is a yeast infection? My doc thought I had one last year and it was vaginitis which can mimick the symptoms exactly but the meds for a yeast infection won't make that one go away.
Id be inclined to go with the passing back and forth theory and the need to get a clucose tolerance test run. The kind where you get the blood drawn, drink a sickly sweet trigger drink and wait a few hourse and get the blood drawn again.When things are as bad as your situation sounds it's often systemic.From what I have heard, Diflucan is some good stuff.I've never taken it but I know it's one of the things that gets prescribed to diabetics because they get those systemic infections.And of course, on that note, you really need to watch the sugars, either natural (like fruit) or processed or in the combination of foods that turn to sugar in the body.The OTC stuff with Micatin in it is supposed to be pretty effective, but there are other anti fungals too so you might want to do some shopping and comparing.Also, you might want to try one of those health food toothpastes that might have Myrrh and Tea Tree in the mixture because that would help control at the mouth area.Whe a yeast gets bad it's important to address the whole system.Kamie
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Thanks, all. I have tried the Diflucan, and this strain of yeast is resistant to that, too. The doctor said he saw "tons of hyphae" under the microscope, so I guess that means yeast. He did say that if the nitrazole doesn't clear it up, he'll culture it to see what kind of yeast it is, so hopefully that's what will happen Thursday. As far as passing it back and forth, I AM married, but (sigh), it can't happen. My husband is the one who's diabetic. I periodically use his glucometer to check my own fasting blood sugar, because, having seen what the disease has done to him, I'm terrified of getting diabetes. If anything, mine is always very low (under 80). I will look for the Micatin, Kamie. Everything I've seen OTC has been some kind of azole. I just can't understand why my immune system is letting this thing take over.
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Zig...I'm sorry this sounds too personal; but what do you mean it "can't happen"? Unless you guys aren't having sex, then YES it can be back and forth. Guys often can't tell at all they have a yeast infection unless they go to a doc to be tested.
Yes, that's what I was hinting at. Husband has severe diabetic complications--trying to preserve his dignity, even though he won't be reading this!
I'm sorry Zig...that is something I should have asked by PM.
I'm sorry for seeming so nosy and being so personal on that one.
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Don't worry about it at all Auroraheart. When it comes to hints, I'm usually way too subtle. The bottom line is, I appreciate your (and everyone else's) help and input. Let's face it, this is subject is somewhat embarrassing to begin with!To lighten the mood a bit, let me tell you the stupid thing I did yesterday. I read somewhere that boiling your underwear kills any yeast that might be reinfecting you, so I put my whole supply in a pot of water on the stove turned on High, got on the 'puter, spaced out and forgot all about it. Well, every pair of undies I own except the one I was wearing is now melted onto the bottom of the pan by the elastic. I will be going shopping today.
Now that seems like something I would do!! I am taking Flagll at time of posting to try and ward off a Bacterial Vaginosis **another one** invasion. This time the gyn has also put me on vaginal tablets of estrogen to see if this might help. Hope so.
zig,If you've seen my post, you know I'm having the very same problem! I'd be interested to know what your dr. said.I'm supposed to take a blood sugar test at a lab, but haven't done that yet. I'm almost afraid to know!
Sorry you're suffering too, Patty. Since I last posted, I started taking acidophilus tablets and totally gave up sugar (waaah). You won't believe this, but by the time I got to the doctor last Thursday, the discharge had gone away, and he said he couldn't see any signs of yeast. Maybe it was the acidophilus, or maybe my immune system finally kicked in. However, I'm worried that the yeast simply went back to a subclinical level. For one thing, I'm still itching, although not as badly. The gyno did say that I have severe atrophy related to perimenopause, which I guess makes me more prone to infections and general itchiness. He wants me to use estrogen cream, cortisone and testosterone ointment. However, I don't feel these will address the recurring yeast problem, and may make it worse. Next time, maybe I should just go the boric acid route, and not even bother with the doctor. Has anyone tried this, and, if so, does it burn?
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Hey Jasper....did that Flagyll bother your tummy? I just got off my 5 day dose a few days ago. (for the same thing)
i am coming late to this thread, but i have a suggestion... garlic suppositories are really effective. just a peeled clove of garlic; you can tie some string around it to help get it out if you want. i do not usually do "alternative" remedies even, but this was miraculous for me. if your yeast is down right now, maybe you could use one on a regular basis as a preventive thing.
So garlic really works, Enja? What about stinging? I don't suppose garlic capsules would be a good idea for that reason. Yes, the yeast is down for now. But I just finished taking a short course of Flagyl, for (as I posted on another thread), a bacterial infection. Clear up one thing, and it sets the stage for the remaining bacteria to take over.
ziglady,You and I have so much in common. Although I'm taking the Diflucan for the next five weeks, I noticed the bacterial infection discharge and I used some metrogel that I had from a previous treatment. You're absolutely right ---- from one to another!!! Why???I did go and take my blood sugar test this morning. Hopefully, I'm not diabetic!I'm sitting here contemplating how I can use the garlic clove --- wrap it in something, with string hanging down but what can I wrap it in and how long does it have to be up there? Many, many questions.....
Has anyone tried vinegar baths. Sit in there for 30 minutes. I used to have yeast infections ALL THE TIME. So I said what the heck. I do it probably twice a week. They say it changes the PH balance of your skin. And I think the pH being off is why yeast infections show up. It's worth a try. Apple cider is the best I believe. Braggs is the purest I've tried. for some reason I think it's better. But the big bottles in supermarkets may be good too.
i've had the same problem and like i said before i a previous post - probiotics and kick the sugar/white flour. i have had less sinus infections and definately no yeast infections, look into it.
How did your blood sugar test come out, Patty? Unless you're having other symptoms like excessive thirst and urination, I bet it was normal. I know there's a scientific explanation for what we're going through, but some days I just think I'm cursed.It's my understanding that yeast can survive in an acidic environment, although bacteria can't. I do take acidophilus twice a day, but I've read that none of the commercially available strains are the kind that adhere to and colonize the vagina.
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