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Resolor (prucalopride) now available in germany

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Turnhout (Belgium), 27 January 2010 (7:30 AM CET) - Movetis, a European pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialisation of innovative drugs for the treatment of diseases in the GI area, announces that it has launched its lead product, Resolor® (prucalopride) in Germany. As of today, pharmacists in Germany can dispense Resolor to patients who have received a medical prescription for this medicine.
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I want this drug! Do you have any idea who is working on this in the states? My husband is a physician and wish he could write me a script but doubt any foreign pharmacy would take it! UGH!Lindsay
I think it is made by a Belgian company? You probably need to contact the manufacturer and see if they have any intention on their own or with a US company to try to get it past the FDA.I don't think someone independent of them can do that and some companies don't deal with the US market.There is some protocol for importing medications not available in the USA, but he might need to partner up with a doctor in Germany to write the prescription. I'm not sure if they take prescriptions from other countries (as usually you have to be legal to prescribe locally, not just somewhere in the world, but I don't know for sure).
Does this drug work anything like Zelnorm?
found this link--summary of product characteristics for prucalopride. very detailed.
found this link--summary of product characteristics for prucalopride. very detailed.
Links not working for me.
i just tried it again. it worked for me. i'm not very computer literate ( i'm lucky my husband takes care of all that) but it is a pdf file and you have to install adobe acrobat reader to read it...or you can try googling the words "resolor 1 mg film-coated tablets" the first words in the file--and the link will come up that way in google but it's still a pdf file...although you can click on "quick view" --then click on html and the html file will come up so you won't need adobe acrobat to read it. hope this helps.
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