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Hi All,I know a few of us have been trying to learn more about the medication which has recently been approved in several countries in Europe. I've read on the website for Movitis, the company behind Resolor, and there is a little bit of information about an expanded access program. The company partners with another company to help people get access to medications that might otherwise be unavailable to them...According to the website:A medicine may not be available to you as a patient because it: * Is still being tested in a clinical trial * Has yet to be approved for use * Is available in another country but not in your country * May have been discontinued in your country or globallyI know we have expanded access programs in the US and I was wondering, has anyone ever been in one of these programs or gotten access to a medication through a program like that? I am wondering if there is any way we would be able to get access to a drug like Resolor, since there are no options like it in the states.
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