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Rules for politically correct passing of gas.

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Excessive bloating and gas is a problem with IBS.I am rumbling even as I type.This would be a good place to start a guide for relieving the pressure(?) of this socially unacceptable occerance.I am very confused.I have to admit the bean scene from Blazing Saddles is one of my favorites.I am overweight but my but is in great shape from the workout it has gotten through the years.You know the one"ohpleasegodletmeholdthisonetillicanget tosomewheretoletgo"isometric butt workout. I will go with the first rule.ALWAYS warn co workers of the SBD gas.A True friend and professional would not let you go into the red alert zone without,perfume,lysol or scarf.Love Pattee
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well i must say, when i am ready to cut loosei just let it rip,ha,ha ha, the sbd"s are the best,then you can look around and put the blame on someone else,"HEY WHO FARTED" it was'nt me, the first person that says that is the guilty party,ha,ha,ever notice that!
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