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rumbling noises

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I was recently diagnosed with IBS with constipation. I have the basic symptoms of constipation, gas/flatulence, and very bad anxiety. I've recently figured out I have another "symptom." For whatever reason, I hear loud rumbling noises in my stomach. They're usually in the area of the descending and sigmoid colons. The rumbling usually goes on for about five days straight, but then will all of a sudden stop the next day. I have a feeling it's built up gas (pressure) in that area that is relieving the "tension" in my stomach, I guess you could say. Has anyone ever experienced this and how long does it usually last for you?
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I get rumbling and strange noises very often ,sometimes every day in my stomach,abdomen,pelvis and intestine areas.Sometimes its like there is something in there groaning away!I am a severe ibs sufferer of many years and it is something i have been told is part of ibs.
I get this every day and can hear and feel the gas moving around all the time, sometimes very violently. I use charcoal capsules which help the gas dispearse, you can buy them in health food stores very cheaply
I had bowel's rumbling sounds for 5 years till i started wheat free diet that greatly reduced them,regarding stomach noises try to eat anything(big bolus) they will be relieved in minutes.
I have IBS-D and have very bad gurgling noises and movement in the colon area they are very loud and it feels and sounds like there is gallons of water sloshing around in there, it seems to come with bloating and trapped wind, charcoal capsules do help a bit, but its there 24/7.
thanks guys for your responses
Does anyone have any advice on how to reduce the rumbling while I'm in school? I guess some sort of quick relief or whatever. Because I know from experience how embarassing they are to have when the classroom is silent and I would like to know if I could prevent that in any way...?
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DontMissAThing,I know what a frustrating problem that can be! Although I have IBS-D, not IBS-C like you, I hope I can offer a couple tips that might help you a bit. First of all, I make sure I have eaten a small snack about an hour before I go to class, which helps with the rumblings and churnings of a painfully empty stomach. For a while, I was too afraid to eat before going out in public, so I'd only eat a popsicle or jello -- this actually made my pain worse and triggered more gas production. Sometimes, though, eating too much or the wrong kind of food will worsen the problem. I avoid certain trigger foods like chocolate, beans, or raw veggies that produce a lot of gas before I go to class or another quiet place. I remember in high school, when I felt the rumbling about to start, I would cough or take a drink of water -- I don't know if it just temporarily took my mind off it or it actually helped relax my abdominal muscles, but it works sometimes in a pinch. Something as simple as leaving the room and taking a brief stroll, doing a few stretches, and taking a few deep breaths will do the trick sometimes, too. I got really into yoga when I started college and I'll use some of those techniques I learned when my nervous stomach acts up. Also, remember that even people without IBS have rumbly stomachs sometimes! It's so easy to get anxious about IBS symptoms making themselves present when you're in public, but think about it this way -- do you notice other people's rumbly stomachs as much as your own? They might not be able to even hear the noise that sounds so loud to your own ears!Good luck! I hope you find a solution to your problem and start feeling better!
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Hey!I suffer from exactly this, and I understand how hard it is sitting in silent classrooms 24/7. I try to take my mind off things as much as posible, either by taping a tune with my fingers, shaking my leg etc. but yeah I also tend to cough or drink water. In one class I've walked out the room so often everyone has started asking questions, but it's got to be done! I have an exam tomorrow as well which I am dreading so much! I hope things get better for you and you find something to help!
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