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Hi,I've had it with IBS, so I'm about to start an elimination diet. I will be eating only rice and chicken for 10-14 days. I would like to include a multi-vitamin supplement with the rice and chicken, because I exercise a lot. I don't think it would be healthy to eat just rice and chicken for two weeks without the vitamins. I'm wondering what specific multi-vitamin brands would be "safe"? (i.e. don't include any possible triggers or intolerant ingredients; gluten, sugars..etc) I'm planning at the moment just to use those "one a day" multivitamins, since I figure even if they do contain something like a trigger, it must be in such a small dose that it shouldn't affect my gut. And I'm not trying to detect a food allergy (I don't believe I have that) but rather a food intolerance, and I really don't think the small amount of sugar or whatever in a tiny multivitamin is going to cause the bloating that I'm trying to get rid of. I'd really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this. This diet is gonna really suck, so I figure I should be doing it right and not screw it up with the wrong multivitamin.thanks in advance!
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