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Salazopyrin? What is this???!!!

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Has anyone heard of Salazopyrin? I was prescribed it today which is supposed to help calm the colon or something?I can't find it on any search engines yet and wondered if anyone knew about it or where to look.Thank you.
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Hi, try searching at I got around 200 hits.Also, you may want to check this out: Can I ask were you diagnosed with IBD or was this suggested as a treatment for IBS?cheers,ZD
Zapdos raises a good point. According to the Nurses Drug Handbook, salazopyrin is indicated for ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and in smaller doses, for rheumatoid arthritis that has not responded to other treatment. These are all inflammatory conditions.
Thanks for your replies. I have IBS not IBD so I'm pretty annoyed right now that this medication has been prescribed as I don't have inflammatory bowel problems, its a straight case of irritable bowel. I think I'll ring my doctor and complain, also because I found a page about this medication on the net last night and I have to take it with food!! I can't even eat some days so how am I ment to take the medication!!Some Doctors are stupid......Lisa
Lisa,My husband took this for ulcerative colitus. Talk to your Dr. and confirm your diagnosis. Did you have any procedures (scopes) to diagnose your IBS? There are some people that have been diagnosed IBS and IBD. Perhaps you need to find a better Dr.AZ
I think you should ring your dr and tell them you don't understand why they have prescribed it. It is usually used for IBD, so maybe they are wondering you may have IBD?It's basically an anti-inflammatory.[This message has been edited by babydoc_au (edited 12-15-2000).]
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