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Saw private GI specialist today

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Hi all.Saw my private GI specialist today and he's referred me to a hepatobiliary surgeon to see if i would benefit from gallbladder removal.Plus he's referred me to a gastroenterologist who specialises in IBS!I regard both these referrals as a top result and feel particularly contented this evening.
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Glad to hear it. Hope the visits with both of those specialists are productive for you as well.
congratulations riddick! that's good news. hopefully you'll be seeing these new docs soon--real soon. are you still having problems with d? hope you're feeling better today...
I'm feeling much better today.....eating well and no diarrhoea at the mo! (fingers crossed).
Good stuff mate!!! the end may well be in sight. Ian
Thats great news,good to read something positive.Good luck with the Doctors you will be seeing.
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