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I was looking up on TMJ dysfunctions, which I have a minor bit of. Anyway, they worded something here that all my chronic sufferers might appreciate:"keeps the "victim" in a "secret hell", if you will, because it, like arthritis or some other painful disease or disorder, is there, causing you pain, yet others around you may not know a thing and think that you are perfectly normal and healthy because you look perfectly normal and is a debilitating and/or painful thing which is chronic, (meaning you have it all the time and/or forever). Studies on chronic pain patients have concluded that depression is a common factor in most all cases"Probably nothing new there, but I liked the bit about the secret hell, yet everyone around expects that you are healthy. Because, with something chronic like IBS, nobody can really tell. I don't know my point in posting this...just that, every now and then I think it is nice to appreciate the extra suffering we have to go through.
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