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I was diagnosed with IBS-C, GERD and SIBO three years ago; in my mid-20s. I'm on prescription Miralax, omeprazole, nortriptyline for hypersensitivity and another anti-depressant. I was also taking probiotics. However, I don't feel like anything helps, whether it's medicine, changing my diet, exercise, less stress, herbal teas or what not. My stomach is so bloated and aches almost every day...I feel like a sow ready to explode. I went from having a flat stomach to looking like I'm pregnant. I recently went to my GI for a visit, and ended up having a HIDA scan and another SIBO breath test. I tested positive for SIBO again, so I'm currently on an anti-biotic, but things don't seem to be getting any better. Does anyone else have similar troubles? What do you do?
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