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I'm a first-time poster.. I hope it's ok for me to ask for some expertise in the General Discussions..

I'm a man in my late 40s, healthy and thin. No medications, no ongoing health issues, stopped drinking alcohol & caffeine about 4 years ago.. But off and on since my 20s I believe I've had undiagnosed IBS (I had a clear colonoscopy in the mid '90s). My intestines swell a lot, and my general digestion can be uncomfortable. But no weight loss, nothing unusual when I see my regular doc. Two months ago I had a single (distressing) episode of bloody diarrhea. I didn't think much of it, because I had eaten a giant bowl of Wheaties for breakfast (of champions). I figured too much whole wheat in my diet. Fasted overnight, and felt ok the following day. No missed work, etc.

Now about 10 weeks later, I have a similar incident. Go running home and have the same, bloody diarrhea. I figure again, a single meal set me off.. so I fasted for 12 hours and assumed I was back in business. But now I've had diarrhea consistently (6-8 times a day) for 3.5 days straight. Sometimes bloody, sometimes not. I like to think it's just an infection, but because of it's similar characteristics to my earlier blowout in January.. I'm wondering if it could be the start of escalating IBS/IBD. No fever, no stomachache.. but I am missing work because I'm going to the bathroom too often/urgently. I'm waiting to hear back from my regular doc for an appointment.. but would love to hear firsthand insights on if this mirrors others' experiences finding their IBS/IBD, or other theories? I'm becoming increasingly anxious as I age, and this is worrying me.

And which tests should/could I request (I never wanna do a colonoscopy again, but..) I was already thinking about Celiac test.. Thanks in advance.
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