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seeking hypnotherapist to speak to san fran ibs group

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If you are seeing a hypnotherapist or know of one who would be willing to speak to our IBS self help group in San Francisco please respond. No one in our group knows anything about hypnotherapy and we are all curious and interested. Meetings are held in a SF hospital and typically attended by 10-15 people. Meetings are held at 6pm on 2nd Thursday of each month. The format is the speaker talks for about 1 hour or more and afterwards fields some questions from the group.This person would probably gain some new clients. Otherwise I don't think there is any compensation other than the reward of helping us ibs-ers out.-thanks, Susan
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Susan/Joan We got a name for you to try.
See your post here:;f=11;t=001498 BQ
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there should be someone on Palsson's list (UNC url) but also things have changed over the past couple of years and a licensed hypnotherapist should be expected to b familiar with IBS. But make sure it is a licensed person. This is off the subject but I think it was in California that somebody awhile reported inappropriate behavior by an unlicensed hypnotherapist who said he knew IBS.tom
The referral we gave says she is "Certified" but I'm not sure if that is the same as 'Licensed' in CA.Perhaps someone else knows if she is. Or you could simply ask her Susan.BQ
Thanks BQ and Trbell. I responded in other forum as well-Susan
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