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Seems To Have Been Gallbladder Related

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hi all few days ago i posted a problem that i was having and a user replyed to me and told me it sounded like a gallbladder problem so i called the doc on call at my GI office explained to him what the problem was. he also said it sounded like a gallbladder problem although not many 20 year old males have this problem. well i totaly stopped eathing stuff that had tons of fat in it. granted some things do have fat. well i've been feeling pretty good today, i called my GI's nurse she actauly wanted me to postpone the upper/lower scopes on weds until they get a ultrasound of my gallbladder, however, i refused and explained that i had to talk myself into going and i already got work off and it would be a very large problem for me not to go, plus its best to get the things checked out anyways. so i just wanted to see if anyone has ever experanced pain to where your right shoulder started to her extreamly bad along with stomach pains. the odd part about it, it comes and it goes im not sure if thats a normal gallbladder problem. ronnie
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When I had my gallbladder I has severe pain under my ribcage and back with nausia and vomiting plus fever. I had mine taken out 2 years ago and I'm in my 20's. They first did an ultrasound, then a hida scan, my gallbladder function was 10% so it was taken out 2 weeks later. Sometime it still feels like there is a gallbladder and still have sever pain, nausia, vomiting and fever when I have these attacks. I did see a GI doc and am being endoscopy tommorow morning. Be presistent with your doctors, your the one who hurts. My doctors needed convincing with my gallbladder sympoms because I was so young. Take care of yourself and let us know what happens. I'll be thinking about you
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My dr. didn't think I had gall bladder problems because I didn't fit any of the groups that traditionally do... (I'm a guy, was 23 at the time, and underweight) but he had the tests done anyway, cuz the symptoms were right... turned out I had gall stones and ended up having surgery a week and a half later... now that dr. uses me as a learning example... not to make assumptions when it comes to diagnosing problems... and if patients question him checking for something they don't fit the stereotype group for having, he uses me as an example... of how you can be the opposite of the stereotype and still have it. long story basically boils down to, don't make assumptions
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My GI doc didn't think I had a gallbladder issue either because my symptoms were not classic, ie right shoulder pain, vomiting, fever etc. I had an ultrasound done many years before that showed no stones.Well, another doc did something called a HIDA scan with CCK and it was found that I had something called biliary dyskenisia. my gallbladder wasn't ejecting bile to digest fats as it should symptoms were constant indigestion, weight loss, nausea, burning, diarrhea etc. the doc thought I had a malabsortion problem.nope, it was the gallbladder. had it out.
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