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Senator John McCain & IBS

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if its not perhaps a moderator will put it in a more appropriate place on the BB.I watch C-SPAN & was watching the debate about the healthcare bill before the US Senate. Senator John McCain was talking about "earmarks" which are included in the bill that he doesnt approve of. One that he described as almost being "funny" to him was an earmark in the amount of $650,000 to Cedar Siani In LA for treatment/research for IBS. apparently he does not approve or feel that IBS deserves money from the govt.I was insulted hearing the way he spoke. Just had to comment here.
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You get two thumbs way up from me.Mark
Apparently they are re-airing this on C-SPAN 2, its 4:25 est.I dont want to "misquote" him, so I am correcting what I said earlier to say money for "supplies & research for IBS". He couldnt comment further, I believe he said if he did it would "violate" the rules of the Senate. Hmmmm......
That is a person who has no idea how ibs affects everyday life and can be a very dibilatating illness.
I don't get C-SPAN and am not the Senator's constituent, so I can't comment with any effectiveness, but if there are any Arizona voters on this BB who have seen it and are similarly insulted, consider sending a quick email or making a phone call to the Senator's constituent services staff and asking just what the Senator meant by his comment. If enough people do it, they will notice. Don't do it if you haven't seen the coverage though. This sort of thing doesn't work when people are operating on hearsay.
It appears the Senator does not know (or his staff) how many people are actaully affected by IBS. If he knew the numbers he might change his viewpoint.
Thanks Nancy!Is it possible to find some transcripts of what Senator McCain said? We could go to the press with that.Jeff 12, 2009~110 minute mark or soI'm transcribing as best as I can here Senator McCain
$665 thousand for, I'm not making this one up, for the Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles California for equipment and supplies for the institute for irritable bowel syndrome research. Now, I have a lot of comments on them on that issue, but I'll just pass so not to violate the rules of the Senate.
He just spoke about it AGAIN just now on a rare Sunday Senate session. It was the 1st thing out of his mouth. Today he said (after reading the "earmark" ) that all he could say was that if this bill passes THAT problem either wont go away or will get worse. I don't remember his EXACT words but my ears perked up when I heard this AGAIN.I have no idea how to find the transcript, I'm SO GLAD that Kathleen did. Apparently IBS is very much on the Senators mind, where he referenced it TWICE in 2 days.I'm not positive but I THINK Senator Dianne Feinstein has helped the IBS community in California, I seem to remember yrs back that someone from the BB wrote/contacted her about IBS issues & she/her office responded POSTIVELY. I believe the BB member was Judy (who has since passed away) but was very active here on the BB for some time.
Please do go to the press with that, Jeff, on behalf of the BB. And again, any Arizona members who are his constituents, email or call his offices. Glad to see some advocacy spirit on the BB. I am not in Arizona, but may I cross post this thread to other IBS boards and other interested parties?
Jeff, that sounds great. As I said earlier HE DID IT AGAIN TODAY!!!!!I'm hoping Kathleen can find todays transcript, which is again imo even MORE "insulting" to the IBS community. Have him walk in our shoes or have a family member get it & then come to the floor of the senate w/those remarks, imo todays remarks were even worse then yesterday. He said something to the effect that if the bill passed "that problem" would surely get worse.Ha ha ha. REALLY!!!! So imo apparently he has SOME IDEA of what IBS is (but is mis informed), BUT doesnt consider it worthy or legitimate. You know some uninformed people take a US Senators word to be "true/the way it is", I for one would love to see him or his office issue an apology to we who live with this debilitating disease on a daily basis, many of us having done so FOR YEARS!!!!!!!.He's sending the WRONG MESSAGE to the people of this country & like I said SOME PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE HIM I am SO GLAD I didnt vote for him.I dont think he spoke much about other things today. For some reason he's picking on IBS .PLEASE FEEL FREE TO QUOTE ME, I've been a BB member for over 10 yrs!!!! :(Kathleen is going to try and find todays comments later on, shes a bit overwhelmed from viewing C-Span videos, but I'm so glad she found it. Maybe you can wait before putting anything out if possible until she finds todays comments, imo your statement will have more impact that way imo
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After a nice long hot bath I was able to get back to CSPAN's website for a second round.I can only take so much at a time. before this he says one of the earmarks is going to Star Trek Characters'Not the Scientists at the University of Nebraska who will be doing research that will benefit our astronauts as they risk their lives inspace. I'm sure surgery in zero gravity is exactly the same as it is onearth and it isn't like anyone on a 3 year mission to mars could haveany health problems during the trip.But onto IBS18:18 is when it stops
Another one that I have been unable to describe adequately without violating the rules of the Senate. $665,000 for Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles California for equipment and supplies for the Institute for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Research. The only thing I can say is that problem will not be reduced when people read this legislation, so there may be a need for it. The list goes on and on, it is crazy stuff.
Kathleen - is that today's remark or did he repeat himself yesterday? Please clarify... I was just about to submit the release!
Apparently he is leading the Republican opposition in the Senate. Write him a letter. (No e-mails or photocopying boilerplate. They get dismissed.) It will take 5 minutes and there is no postage required. Flood his office with paper. (Write it on toilet paper if you are feeling particularly sarcastic.)Good luck, guys.Mark
Jeff, I just emailed you at the address on the press release since I tried to PM, but your box is full. I have many pre-IBS years of advocacy experience and would like to help and/or discuss IBS advocacy in general. My direct contact information and some personal comments I'd prefer not to post on the BB are in the email. Hope it is of interest.
Okay - I listened to today's coverage and see that your quote Kathleen was from today's session. I'll update the release.
He mentioned it twice. Once on Saturday, once on Sunday.
Got it. I have updated the release (above). Thank you Nancy for your offer of being quoted. I think we will leave it as is. If we do a follow-up we will come back here for quotes.
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