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sensitive intestines - new person asks

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Hi, I've been reading this board for a while and decided it's about time I piped up and said something. I've had IBS for about ten years now, mainly IBS-C although I never get really bad with C, I just seem to have bad pain sometimes and really, really sensitive intestines. Like today, for example, I was just 'aware' of them all day, sort of mild discomfort and the occasional spasm...eurgh. Don't know what's causing it - does anyone have any suggestions for how to calm an angry intestine? I've been taking Lepicol psyllium fibre for the C and that was going great for the last two weeks, and then I got the discomfort again today. Any ideas? Well, thanks very much for listening - I've read some lovely messages of support on this BB and would just like to add my own to anyone struggling with this bloomin' illness. We know how hard it is, us people here, and we understand. thanks for listening.
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My own personal theory is that many of us IBS'ers are more sensitive and aware of our bodies and bodily functions than others; this doesn't CAUSE IBS but it certainly doesn't help our perception of the problem. I too am very aware of my intestines and bowels, feeling them gurgle and pain down there...Sometimes, forcing yourself to think of other things will help. At work, I'll just force myself to focus on my work and it usually works at least for a while. Sometimes deep breathing helps, or if I just close my eyes to take a mental break...Good luck!
Hi Ashley:I'm glad you're posting! Are you on your period by any chance? My C is pretty much under control, but around my period I do have cramping from the IBS. I take Bentyl and that helps somewhat. Peppermint tea will help a bit to sooth things, as well as a heating pad if you can take some time to yourself.I hope this helps somewhat.
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Thanks very much for replying - I didn't expect to get a reaction so quickly! No, I'm not on my period at the moment, but I have noticed that things do vary around that time. I've never tried Bentyl - do you know what it's made of? I'm in the UK, so I don't know if they have it over here. I've never really found anything that help once I'm in pain - I either have a good day or a bad one, and there it is - nothing I can do about it. Isn't life grand?! Thanks again for replying Ashley
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