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My doctor put be on Serzone. Is anyone out thre taking it? I was on it before for about five weeks, but then thought it wasn't working and changed to Celexa -- it made my stomach really hurt. I am now back on Serzone and hope it will work -- the doctor thought I didn't give it enough time.I am also taking klonopin at night (took for the first time last night).
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I've been on Serzone for about 2 years now.I'm still having difficulty getting a good nights sleep. It has calmed some of my anxieties and paranoias but I don't think it's a panacea. I feel maybe 20-30% more assertive. I know Paxil is the choice for "Social Anxiety", but the Serzone helps me in this regard to.I have not had any sexual side effects with the Serzone.I guess I'm really neutural with it. I supplement it with Vitamin C, which seems to enhance it a little bit. I don't feel addicted to it, and could drop it at any time.I think I could probably equal it's mental benefits by vitamin, mineral, and efa supplementation, but it's free through my health insurance.I take 2-200mg doses, once in the morning, and once in the evening. Dr. sez max limit is 3-200mg doses.If it has any side effects, it's that I now read the National Enquirer from cover to cover, and am absolutely enthralled by pop culture and celebrity.How disgusting![This message has been edited by NickT (edited 05-15-2001).]
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