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I too have severe stomach cramps when I wake up. But I don't sleep on my stomach most of the time. But when I wake up i get bad cramps and then my stomach churns and the next thing i know i'm vomiting everywhere. this also happnes at night. not 7 days a week but most of the time. howeer, it is only in the morning, and at night, usually starting around 10 pm. does anyone have any ideas on that this is or ho to treat this? please post replies to this.

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Do you get really bad heartburn during the day and night too? It sounds like you have excess bile in your stomach that builts up at night, but I would get checked out. If that is the case, the Dr. can give you an Rx like Prevacid or Prilosec that will calm it down. Let us know if you get heartburn.
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