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Severe Cramps - Help!

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Since I have the D variety of IBS I have the usual amount of gas bloating/cramping. However, has anyone experienced severe intestinal cramps - more like "charley horse" cramps??!!?? These are wildly painful and scarey. Is there anything I can do to help myself? I'm currently trying to eliminate "trigger" foods, I've cut out my morning coffee (aargh) and not drinking/doing dairy. What a long, slow and painful process.Help if you can.Thanks,DoriB
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DoriB-Are the cramps anything like pms??(assuming your a woman) I get terrible gas, bloat and these pains most everyday. Somethimes I can control the bloat and gas with "mylanta gas". The pain however is harder to make go away once it starts for me. If I keep up the fiber and stay regular the pain is not so bad. Once I get C - it feels like someone has got their hands inside my stomach pulling and squeezing as hard as they can. My back bothers me alot too when the stomach pain is there.It's easy to descibe today because it hurts like heck right now. Going to my first GI doctor next monday. I have been trying to avoid the specialists and all the meds, but life is too short and I just want to feel better!!!![This message has been edited by Mindy5124 (edited 09-18-2000).]
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