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Hello Emanuel! I am Stella, twenty years old, and on my fourth semester of uni, so I can totally relate to you. I've had IBS since I was 13. Unfortunately there is only so much doctors can do. IBS is directly linked to anxiety, and even medication has it's limits when it comes to relieving it. The ''it is all in your head'' has become their catchphrase because there really is not much they can do to help. It is a cycle that repeats itself. You get stressed about something, then you get an IBS attack. Then you are fine, but you get stressed by the idea of having an attack. The stress triggers an IBS attack, or even a panic attack. You need to break that cycle. It is possible, but you need to be super determined in order to succeed. I managed to do that on my first semester, (but then I stupidly threw away all my progress). It has to do with your diet. That's where I messed up, for a week straight I broke my diet and ate fast food. You have to be spartan about it. This is the foundation that you build everything on. If you have a solid foundation then you can tackle the rest of the issues one by one. Eating out or ordering is out of the question, you have to prepare meals yourself. This way you control what goes inside your body and the way it is cooked. Give it two weeks and you will see that the bloating and gas stops being excessive, and the gurgling becomes less noticeable. This way you will gain more confidence and become less anxious about your IBS, and as a result your symptoms will become less severe. Of course you are going to have flare -ups, but less often and much less severe. I am not sure If what worked for me is also going to work for you, but I will share what I ate during that period in hopes that it helps even a little.

Breakfast: a bowl of greek yogurt (not sweetened), it helps with digestion because of the live cultures it contains, and a cup of roibos/herbal/chamomile tea (loose leaf tea is way better)

Snacks: cranberries, almonds, tangerines ( 1 or two) , banana, glutten free crackers, water or herbal tea

Lunch: a small salad, (grated carrot with olive oil and salt, tomato salad or green salad), roast chicken breast, beef steak, fish ( definitely not fried), lactose free milk

Snacks: same as above

Dinner: baked potatoes, smoothie ( a few berries of your choice, banana, yogurt and rice milk)

Fried food, foods containing lots of fat, are the worst. Also, beer and generally alcohol is best to be eliminated from your diet. They caused bloating almost every single time I consumed them.

I am not suggesting you should go on a lactose and glutten free diet, but it definitely helps bcs you put less strain on your digestive tract. Also, I am not suggesting you should go on a diet, you can eat as much as you want during the day, just make sure not to overeat, and that your breakfast and dinner remain light. It would probably help to consult with a dietitian that has worked with people suffering from IBS. And exercise does help. Around 30-45 minutes of jogging per day are ideal.

I hope I helped even a little. I am in the process of returning to my ''spartan'' ways, so you are not alone! Stay strong. And think that no matter how embarassing it might get, it's not like you commited a crime. You do not hurt or cause damage to anyone. In fact the only one who can get hurt, mainly emotionally, by this is you. If a stomach gurgle or gas and bloating is enough to guarantee your life's quality going down the drain, then we have severe issues as a race.
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