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I can relate to what you are going through. Getting through classes each day feels like a full time job in itself. Its exhausting and then theres no time or energy left for a social life with others at the end of the day. I moved into a new apartment that is basically like a dorm building and it sucks, because then I have to worry about my stomach noises in my own apartment as the walls are paper thin. My neighbors all make fun of me. You are not alone.
I'm the same. I started getting the same symptoms when I first started school a couple of weeks in and my apartment has paper thin wall walls. ALL of my neighbors and suitemates have been making fun of me day and night because these sounds have been going on 24/7. They watch and listen to everything I do and make fun of me, ridicule me, and I think they've been filming/taking photos of me and passing it around because random people on the street know about it and they will point at me, ridicule and laugh at me. I've been taking something for the acid problems I have and its helped some of this but I still get it. I just woke up at 3 in the morning and it was acting up. Later I woke up to my neighbors and suitemates (some f them are friends) laughing Iabout it. I am constantly humiliated by it and don't know how to fix this. People think I just have to eat but these sounds occurs whether I eat or not.
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