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severe gas

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I have the same problem as well, but mine is moreso the LOUDNESS of the passing gas, and not so much the smell. I too am depressed and in neither work nor school. There is a company that manufactures underwear that is supposed to completely eliminate the smell of gas using its technology and the design of the underwear. According to their information it should completely block the smell as long as you purchase the correct size of underwear and they are not torn or punctured. The company's name is Under-Tec and their website address is They have testimonials on their site. You can also reach them at 1-888-433-5913. I have bought a pair from them that I haven't really needed to use because, as I said, my main problem has been the sound and not so much the smell. You must take your waist measurement before you order and it costs about $50 US to buy. Try giving them a call and I hope everything works out for you and your son.
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