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Hi. It's time for me to look into this more.

When I get a stomach bug, minor or major, my stomach goes into disabling spasms. They are the worst pain I have ever felt. I can't move, barely talk and breath very shallow. It's so bad sometimes that I nearly pass out either from the shallow breathing or the pain itself.

Happened first when I was 18. Didn't again until we had kids and they started brining home flu bugs. Just had my second flu of the year. Without fail, my stomach goes into spasms.

Usually end up in the ER after many hours of trying to deal with the pain. They give me pain meds and buscopan to help stop the spasm.

My doc said I have a spastic colon (another term for IBS I read) and gave me some buscopan pills. They do seem to help but I usually end up taking an OxyContin that I still have from my vasectomy. These pills have kept me out of the ER the last two times.

There is also a terrible pain after the buscopan kicks in. It feels like severe gas pain and eases off depending on the position I lay in. Seeing how the buscopan doesn't help this symptom, I assume it is not a spasm. It seems that I end up with two stomach pains, spasms and gas.

Am I alone in this? I'm extremely healthy otherwise, no problems at all. Just when I get a little stomach bug, my stomach goes absolutely insane. I'm 31, male. Great diet, great weight, little stress, good life all around,

Thanks for any comments
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