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sex drive and IBS

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I figure we all discuss such personal issues here already so why not bring this one up too!?Since things with my IBS got pretty bad (the last 3-4 months really) my sex drive has nearly gone away. My poor husband...we have only been married three months! I don't think there is a coorelationship there, we've had other big changes and while stress absolutely affects me, he is not a stress at all. He's the one thing that makes me feel better regularly. But anyway, I feel terrible about not wanting to have sex. I still find him incredibly attractive and tell him this all the time and I appologize for not wanting to have sex. He says he understands and that he just wants me to feel better but I feel badly. Does anyone else have this problem? How have you handled it? How/when will it go away?Thanks for the thoughts and advice.Leah
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I know exactly what you mean. My boyfriend and me have tried to address this issue and we seem to go through periods where we both make a real effort. The thing is I often don't feel like it and in turn he then stops trying to initiate it, which then makes me feel unattractive. It's a problem, but as long as your husband (congrats by the way) is understanding it should all be ok.Are you on any medication at the moment? The reason I ask is becuase I went on prozac for IBS which had a dramatic affect on my sex drive. I was also very unaffectionate and quite cold towards my boyfriend. We talked about it and decided that it was better without the prozac, eventhough it helped with the other IBS symptoms.
It's pretty hard to feel like sex when nothing else seems to be working right! With IBS we are always thinking about our bodies (the icky parts!) and somehow having sex doesn't seem appealing a lot of the time. I'm hoping once this is under control most of the time, that part will come back. Yes, poor husband, but it's not my fault! I really, really try.I had problems on prozac too so quit taking it. Keep plugging!
There are so many other things that could contribute to low sex drive it's hard to pinpoint IBS as a culprit. I don't think my IBS has any effect on my sex drive unless my IBS is causing my hormonal fluctuations. If anything, my hormones are affecting my IBS. Anyhow, it is true that no one feels much like sex when they feel sick. Although my husband is different--I don't think he is ever NOT in the mood unless his back is out. LOL! OK, he probably wasn't in the mood when he was passing his kidney stone either.
Are you on birth control? Are you worried about getting pregnant or are you trying to get pregnant? Any of those things can kill sex drive.
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I know what you mean. The last thing I want when feeling poo ! and in pain is someone near me never mind sex. What I tend to do though is if I am having a good day or a good few hours pounce on him and have it then. Just an idea.
From a man's point of view I really do think IBS does effects the sex drive.It could be one or two things(I think).1.It could be the medication you taking that can cause low sex drive.Ladies,you might want to check that out and..2.Our bodies don't digest food properly and I'm not sure if our blood is getting enough nutrients..Well..You see where I'm getting....I went to play basketball one day and had a tense workout,later on that night my know(smile) was standing with energy pulsing through like a train!The reason why I brought it up was that if you're not exercising like you should,you might need to do that.Gets the heart pumping and your blood circulating.Me Having IBS myself,I know what you ladies are going through.I wish you the all the best.
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I wonder if many IBS sufferers become so worried about having to go to the bathroom or that they will fart while 'doing the wild thing' that it actually becomes a deterrent to having sex.
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