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shaky ang weak

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I have IBS and am now getting over an attack of diverticulitis that was treated with antibiotics thatgave me severe diarrhea. I am feeling better but have been having attacks of feeling shaky, arms trembling and weak legs. Any ideas on this? I had just been to the gi doc and had electrolytes drawn but no results yet. I also take med for high blood pressure. Thanks
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Hi Minnie M,I wanted to say hi because I also have IBS and recurring diverticulitis. In fact, my IBS started after a bad case of divertic. What antibiotic did you just take? I also have had symptoms of shakiness and trembling and leg weakness. Sometimes i think it's from being dehydrated. Try gatorade for this or Pedialyte, which I find is really effective for dehydration. Other times I feel that the gas, acid reflux, and general indigestion from the antibiotic and diarrhea affects my breathing. then breathing exercises help. I found a good breathing exercise in Andrew Weil's book Natural health Natural Medicine. It's listed as a relaxation technique. I have taken flagyl (with cipro)for divertic many times and now can't tolerate it any more. What do you take? Have you had this several times? I'm new to this site; would love to trade info.Rosie
thanks Rosie - I have only had 1 bout with diverticulitis 3 weeks ago. I took Cipro & Flagyl and they knocked me for a loop - I was tired and jittery and couldn't stay still. I have been drinking gatorade but probably need to drink more. I also take med for hypertension that has a diuretic. I went to gi doc this past week and she wasn't sure what to make of it but I am following up with her in Sept. Tomorrow I am going to skip bp med for a day. Also had electrolytes drawn but don't know results yet.Please let me know any other ideas and I will do the same.
Minnie, I know the weak and shaky feeling all too well. I am also on HBP meds. Not diuretics tho. I remember my Doc tellin me Gatorade wasn't the best choice for me. He said something about it being harder to digest and suggested something like Pedialyte or Pedialyte ice pops instead. It was also important to ingest some lean protein. And even though it IS frustrating, rest, rest, rest. It sure sounds like you have had a rough bout. So it may take awhile before you feel like yourself again.I have learned when coming off of a severe bout to eat smaller amounts more often. Kinda graze through the day. I work myself up from clear fluids, to a BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce & toast) diet to slowly re-introducing some protein. All the while having a glass of water going all day long. This sometimes takes a few days. Resting, (not my favorite thing..but necessary) is real important tho too.Take your time and I am sure you will get to feelin stronger.BQ
I get the shakey weak stuff too...... I just make sure that I eat often (the kinds of things that B.Q. is suggesting sans the banana cuz those cause me more problems.....
I drink O.J. instead )I have found that combining protein with simple carbohydrates defeats the shakey, weak feelings... but I don't recommend taking in simple carbohydrates all the time.Eating smaller amounts more often is also good advice.Hope this helps, EvieP.S. you drink all day long too, B.Q.? Me too. No wonder we're so nuts ....
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LOL ### Evie I did mention it was water tho didn't I? That would be water without scotch. LOLSeriously tho, I dunno what exactly it was about the gatorade, but I do clearly remember him telling me to stay away from that.BQ
I got stuck on the BRAT diet after my last infection and am not having any luck adding protein. Get D followed by a week of bloating, gas, nausea from even small amount. Any ideas? I'm eating tons of rice and toast.Rosie
Minnie,The bloating and gas I have to come expect as part of the package til I can get back to a regular diet. Keep trying with the protein or ask your Doc about a protein supplement maybe? I have also found digestive enzymes to be helpful getting back on my feet. I use GNC's Enzyme Digestant. Also if you can, take immodium.BQ
thank you all for your help so far -I am learning a lot!
This is a older post, but so relevant. I've been dealing with the jittery feeling, lightheaded, and nausea. Anyone know what helps with eliminating the jitters?
Water/snack helps me. Can someone explain what their shaky feeling actually FEELS like? I remember mentioning this to a dr years ago and described it like it felt like I would get dizzy spells and my limbs felt "jolty". They would hardcore twitch unless I stood completely still. He looked at me like I was crazy. Anyone else get this feeling?
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