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1 my english is poor,There may be some mistakes in my words.What I wanted is just that you can understand my meanning.2 my post is just for the people who leak gas.3 my words is important,Mabey It can change your life4 I want to get something from you(not money
). After cured,Can you send me a card from your contry?????a few month a ago,I did a post is from a book of my contry.Today,I want show you others.I do not want to talk about the reason of lg.I just want to show the methord to cure it,this methord come from chinese kung fu.A wise man told me the methord.It is very easy.Just keep one gesture for ten minutes.Now i need a picture to show you is not this gesture.It is the same to the man's legs of the picture.But you should hold you arms above your head and keey them straight. you'd better also keep your fingers face to face(not touch together)there is another picture let his left arm above his head,and do the same with his right arm.I can not find one picture have that gesture on internet.And I draw a new one to show the gesture.But unfortunitly,I don't know how to show it in my post.If you want to get it,You can send me email to ask. brave_man.student$ $ with ###)At first,the gesture is very difficute for can keep it only for 2 minutes or less.It doesn't matter,just do it more times.Keep the total time more then 10 minutes a dayyour legs will feel hurt.maybey your breath will become quickIt doesn't matter,just do it.After a few days,you can see the effect.(for me,only 2 day)If you get well.but you don't send me a card.You will be punished by your god.
Expectint your card.
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