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Shortening of the colon???

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Hi, there,Has anybody got experience or knowledge or an opinion, about operative shortening of the colon?? This measure was suggested to a woman with 20 years of bad IBS-C (the two-weeks-no-movement type). This is a question put to our small German board, and nobody had a clue. Any information would be much appreciated!ThanksSusaloh
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Susaloh, You mean a bowel resection for IBS? I don't think they do that just for IBS. There would have to be a clear dysfunction of the colon to precipitate this kind of drastic action. I would think that there must be some other underlying problem with the colon for most surgeons to do this operation.You could do a search here for "Bowel Resection" and see if you can find more info.BQ
BQ,Thanks for that, the right 'word' I mean!Susaloh
I would wonder why they intend to just shorten the colon. How, for example, do they choose which portion to remove? Generally, the whole colon is removed to treat refractory constipation.
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