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Should I be worried?

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I had an IBS flare-up about 2 months ago. Classic symptoms....diarrhea/constipation, pain, bloating, gas, etc. I became extremely anxious but recognizing it for what it was (I was diagnosed several years ago and went through years of panic attacks and anxiety) I decided to face it head on and control my diet (which was not good) exercise (which was almost non-existent) and practice relaxation to lower stress.It worked! Gradually, the pain subsided, the bms became easier and stool shape and size almost normal.Then I happened to talk to a friend of mine who also has IBS and chronic fatigue. She told me that her symptoms were similar to mine and she was diagnosed with cysts on her ovaries...!!!Well, about two days later, guess what! Back to square one. I could not believe how fast the symptoms returned when I started to worry. Does anyone know if ovarian cyst symptoms come and go? I am post-menopausal and do not ovulate anymore.
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I truly do not know and would urge you to talk to your ob-gyn about this one. My hunch is yes, but I am surely no expert. I wish you well!!
I would say definately check with your doctor, But I would also have to say , in my opinion (not professional) ovarian cysts do not come and go I have cervical warts due to having babies and they are there all the time, they have been burned out but come right back, as to the cysts, if they are there they are there, but I am sure the stress from worring about it is making your symptoms reappear, check with Web MD for the symptoms of ovarian/cysts/cancer if it will help untill you can get to the doctors it may aleviate some of the stress you are experiancing
my guess is the two are unrelated men also have IBS and have no common female denominator involved, but don't wait to talk with a professional, it will put your fears to rest
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Hello,I read on a site that is in the women's issues forum, about endometriosis, and that site indicated cysts are more commen than thought. And that they will often times burst and go away by them selves, then return again. Not all cysts require surgical removal, and in fact the article indicated that such surgires can increase the likely hood of IBS symptoms thorough the growth of scar tissue adhesions. Look in the women's forum, under Endometriosis for the article.Sarah
I always thought ovarian cysts can come and go. Not in every person, but they are not if I recall correctly usually a once you have it you have it until the end of time or until a surgeon removes it from your body kinda thing.Usually when they find one in an ultrasound the typical response is to look at it one-two months later (unless it looks unusual) because they can go away on their own. Ones that do not go away on their own may need intervention if they are causing problems.Now some woman have a disorder which causes them to have lots of csts all the time, but I think it is still an old ones go new ones pop up rather than you just keep getting more and more and more and they never go away. and for more info.Now I don't know if postmenopausal woman get cysts like woman who are regularly ovulating (as some of the cysts are fallout from ovulation) so it may really be worth doing the call the doctor thing.With Cervical Warts (completely different thing than cysts) you have a virus that causes the warts. Burning off the wart doesn't make the virus go away and everytime the virus goes into make a wart mode you will get a wart.Ovarian cysts are NOT caused by a virus like that.K.
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Thanks for the info and the sites to go to, and ya know I had no idea the warts were caused by a virus, any hints on treatment other than burning?
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