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Should I bother reading those?

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I have seem some people post their web site on this BB, I come here often because this is still new to me (IBS). Should I bother going to peoples web sites that are posted here? Most of the time they are trying to sell something, not support you - or at least it seems that way.
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That all depends. If it says something about having lots of info for newbies (like erics bweb site or kwillims site) then do it. But if it is for soem cure all new miracle drugs etc, it depends on if you have any interest in reading about the product. You can always hit your BACK button if you don't like the site and come right back to the original post.You should check out the links that claim they will help newbies. They offer invaluable information on IBS, the tests involved, diet info and all sorts of other super helpful things for us IBS'ers!britta
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