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This is more of a reassurance topic rather than a seeking advice one but I'm still open to suggestions cause I don't have any further ideas. Excuse me for that.

I haven't done much progress with my shy bowel issues and this past week has been really stressful thus making the problem bad once again. And there's an additional thing that makes it worse but it is by all means very embarassing to be said.

The physical problem that I'm facing due to shy bowel is that my anus can't relax completely when defecating. That leads to incomplete evacuation that makes me go to defecate again and again and, of course, annoying bloating that doesn't go away. So far, I've found some relief to half a glycerin suppository because I don't need an entire one (since I know that the problem is completely psychological and I'm a regular anyway). But I've already used three of them in three days and they only help until I have another bowel movement which happens a few hours after I use one. And I use them at night (since it's kind of weird and difficult for me to use them any other time of the day). So, I'm okay only for the night but when the morning comes and I want to have a normal bowel movement, I'm stressed again and the same crap happens (no pun intended). In other words, suppositories don't relieve me during the day but only during the night.

Are there any ways that I can relax a little bit or even make the discomfort go away? It's really annoying. I'm pretty sure it's going to go away in a few days but I can't just sit and wait.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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