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Hi All,

I was recently diagnosed with SIBO.

My doctor recommend 2 weeks of Rifaximin, followed by 6 weeks of Symprove - this probiotic -

However, on the Symprove website it says that one can take antibiotics and Symprove at the same time (not literally at the same time, but one can use them together)

I am really really worried about reducing the effectiveness of the Rifaximin, and I worried that using Symprove might do this for 2 reasons:

- Making the problematic bacteria "dormant" so the antibiotic doesn't kill the problematic bacteria
- The increase of motility from Symprove means that the antibiotic doesn't have enough time to kill the problematic bacteria

But on the other-hand, I do want to take asap Symprove if possible. I am currently taking Optibac, and they seem to be helping manage the symptoms -

Does anyone have experience or knowledge in this area?
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