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I will write it as simple and direct as possible here.
What I post here is tested on me after 15 or more years of sporadic or regular serious issues, gasses, diarrhea, indigestion, even bleeding from low part of intestine.
I NEVER GO TO DOCTOR. Take it or leave it.
My diagnose is probably Fructose Intolerance together with oligosaccharides intolerance. So basically its large group of food (veggies and fruits) that is not digested well, but I can digest well some other food like meat, fermented milk products, wheat and so on. I am on super strict diet and I almost totally control what gets into this body but it went through a lot of suffering that teach me to do it and get rid of some bad habits from past (sugar craving, overeating and so on...), but now its more easy to find way through and also understand whats going on with this body when I now exactly what I was eating (as I mostly made it for me).

I wanted to share remedies that are miraculously effective but you have to consider also what I already wrote.

Remedy 1
1 Psyllium with well fermented yogurt or cheese milk (Jocoque)
This food can be life saving in worst situations, good is that it is nutritious and digestible for me while it makes some protection to already fucked-up intestine wall to avoid further bleeding if thats the case for someone. When I cannot get good bio yogurt or jocoque (Well Mexiko is complicated sometimes) I take fresh goat cheese that is also high in lactobacillus and I mix it with water and leave two hours to make something like jocoque by myself.
  • Other option is obviously psyllium with some good lactobacillus spores or other supplements with high amount of them 4 billions or so.. , they get quite expensive but are effective too.
  • Its good to not overdo it with psillium because it can accelerate movement in tract in some scenarios . Best take like one soup spoon at once 30 mins or more before meals so it doesn't make unwanted effects like weakening of digestion, absorptions of some nutrients and accelerating of movement that in my case is really unwanted.

Remedy 2
2 Pita bread fried on a lot of coconut oil
This food doesn't look like good idea to a lot of people but its miracle for me. I somehow can digest it easily while it is really stopping my gasses. I was hearing about candida killing capabilities of coconut oil long time and used it but just accidentally I discovered that when it gets into pita bread and its fried I digest it quite well and it somehow enters intestine in form that is more effective to kill of yast or whatever it is what is causing my gasses and intestine malfunction. This is my super effective remedy although quite delicious too. I eat it with goat cheese sometimes that I digest very well too. I believe there are other options with coconut oil I was trying to fry rice but then I decided to stick to one thing that works for some time to heal a little my intestine after last months of problems.

When I switch to combination of this two for one two or more days I immediately get relief and back on track to beautiful shit that is like miracle for me and makes me almost cry from happiness and gratitude, really :)

Right now I am finding out what other food I can cook that I digest well and if I make a mistake this is how I fix it. Its not bad way of deal with it I believe, I want good nutrition but digestibility is obviously more important. I don't eat meat and fish right now even thou I digest them perfectly but I don't want to support this cruel industry so i need to look for nutrition and health in some vegetables and also preparations that helps me to digest it well.

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