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Slim and in Pain or Bloated and No Pain?

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It seems my options are either live with the bloat (27" to 32" waist) which looks ridiculous on my small 5'3 118 lb frame, or be slim but in so much pain I can't function.

When I'm bloated, it's because I consumed carbohydrates. However, when I'm on a low-carb diet then I'm in pain from the meat (i.e., lean, skinless poultry) or vegetables (boiled).

I'm not sure if it's SIBO that's causing the bloat and maybe low HCl that's making it feel like a whole chicken is slowly squeezing through my intestines for 12+ hours, or maybe it's something more complicated. I've already seen 5 or so doctors and was given the IBS label after testing breath (lactose), blood, urine, stool, allergies and ultrasound.

A few months ago the only way I was able to attend a couple weddings was to eat only lactose-free yogurt for several weeks. It seemed like the perfect compromise as it was low in carbohydrates/FODMAPs and had a soft consistency that wouldn't trigger any pain.

Anyone have any insights that might help?
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if you want to be sure about not having something "extremely" serious (IBD etc) you might want to do a colonoscopy. To test for SIBO i'm told you should do both glucose and lactulose(not lactose) hydrodgen breath tests.

That's about all i can think of as of this moment, good luck :p
I did persist about further tests, as I have a family history of IBD; however all of the doctors didn't feel it was necessary until I begin to bleed for at least a week and lose 10-20 lbs. In regards to the lactulose, I did pick up a bottle when I was trying to relieve the constipation and found that 1 Tbsp triggered the worst bloating I ever experienced. I haven't touched the bottle since. Not sure if that is any indication of SIBO.
yeah you should certainly get a colonoscopy ASAP, in regards to what happened when you ingested lactulose it might be a sign of SIBO but you would have to do the breath test to know (more or less) for sure. Remember, sometimes SIBO occurs as a result of problems related to IBD; i would certainly fight for that colonoscopy.

Best of luck!
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