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I'm looking for help here as I'm in between gastroenterologists at the moment and I'm wondering if anyoneeee out there has had a similar problem.

I've had ibs for years but managed it fairly well until I was on morphine for about three months for non related pain. I developed "narcotic bowel syndrome" where morphine was causing me stomach pain and I had to stop taking it.

I had almost a month of excruciating stomach pain and crazy bad gas and heartburn. Things have settled down slightly. But everyday now is like a bad ibs day pre-morphine.

What worries me is that I have had loose stools since my withdrawal, which is not uncommon, but it hasn't eased up. I was put on amitryptiline to help with the diarrhea, and it has, but my stools are still looser than ever, even though I'm eating strictly BRAT diet.

BUT - I posted in ibs C for a reason - I wake up with lots of gas and stomach pain, feeling in my abdomen (but not rectum) that I need to have a bm. But I cannot have one without a bulb enema, or digital stimulation. It's like stool never enters the rectum without help - I've checked (yuck) and there's nothing "waiting in the Shute". Then once I do start going it doesn't want to stop. Unfortunately, going is the only thing that relieves the stomach pain...

So I'm in a pickle - I can't take laxatives or stool softners to help move things along, as my stool is already very loose. I've tried fibres, and I cannot at all tolerate any of fact my list of safe foods is extremely small at the moment.

So I really don't know how to make it easier for me to go and relieve my stomach pain!! It's like I have FAST transit, and then before the rectum, everything halts and stomach pain ensues. And I still have sooo much more gas than I did pre morphine.

So confused! Help please

Oh and I've had colonoscopy/small bowel mre/endoscopy recently as well as stool samples including ova/parasites - all clear. I take tu-zen probiotic.

Thanks so much!
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