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Smelly BM's?

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Hi there,I'm quite nervous about actually posting my own question (because I'm kind of shy) but anyway, here goes.I have IBS (my b/f doesn't) and he was wondering if I'm the only one who makes the bathroom smell "AWFUL" after a BM? The other day he said something like "Holy! Would you please close the door after you're done? I almost threw up from the smell"So, it's kind of embarrassing for me, but what can I do? When I gotta go, I gotta go.Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.
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Well that good ol stinkey BM is the reality sometimes. Okay,I admit, I've had them. Unfortunately I'm not always jasmine and perfume.Yes indeed there have been times when I just knew if I'd look out the bathroom window that I'd see buzzards circling.So who else around here gets the stinkey poo?For me eating lots and lots of pure organic yogurt helps.No red meat helps.No fried foods helps.No fizzy drinks helps.No SOY helps.No ice cream helps.Drinking lots and lots and lots of water helps.I am happy to report that I can eat strawberries and pears and berries and whole grain bread all day long and be as inoffensive as ones waste might be.We each process differently.So it's a trial and error sort of thing. Keep a food diary and figure out what you ate that gave you the deadly stench.Sometimes things we would never think to be our undoing just crop up and give us an unpleasant surprise.Kamie
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My first thought was to get a kinder and more understanding boyfriend.
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Oh yes, sometimes when the old IBS bug strikes, it can be aweful. Worse than a garbage dump. lol
Well, I think ThisBearBites has got a point!Also - sounds obvious maybe BUT the second you've finished the first part of a BM flush right then, gets rid of the smelly stuff fast and does help minimise the pong - even if you need to flush three or four times after each stool it does help quite a bit - also get a good de-0doriser that doesn't just cover up but actually absorbs the smell - good luck and best wishes,Ama
The best thing is to watch what you eat. Mine was like a visit from the Toxic Avenger. I noticed when I was younger that when I would have milk, my BMs had more of an odor it was also a different color then usual. Since I have had IBS I have had the same thing and began looking into what was causing it as it may be from a food sensitivity. Milk, coffee and soy so far are the one's I notice cause a reaction as far as sensitivities go, but I also found that when I took them out of my diet not only is my IBS dormant, but no bad BMs. Also pay particular attention to what you are taking. Peppermint makes my BMs smell like poison as do some other supplements. Take Ama's advice . I do the same thing and have very little problems with lingering odor. Once it comes out, it goes right down the toilet leaving very little time to allow the odor to travel.Good Luck,Kari
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Mine sometimes get a sickly sweet odour at times, and it isn't anything I ate that I can pinpoint.
I dont' know if you are D or C, but if you have peppermint tea it can help the smell a lot. Nothing like a fart that smells like mint!
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Generall there are several kinds of compounds that make stool stink.Sulfer containing compounds. These will be more prevalent in some people for various reasons. 1. How much sulfer you eat. It is found mostly in protiens as it is a componant of some of the amino acids. 2. What bacteria you have in your colon. If you have lots of sulfer reducing bacteria there will be more smell.Fatty acid breakdown products. Some results of partial breakdowns of fats can be quite odiferous as well.One thing you can try that works for the sulfer end of things is a low dose of peptobismol taken daily. It will absorb the H2S gas the bacteria release and that may reduce the stinkiness of the stool. Most stool has some gas in it that may be released when you pass it.K.
What a maroon for being so insensitive was my first thought. But then, if ya'll have been together for a while he probably feels he can talk about things like that with you in a joking way.Solution: turn on the fan, tell him that's his "warning" to seek other means of pottying. Light a match and blow it out and get some kind of air fresherner to spray around.If he's laughing laugh with him. If he's not, tell him his poop stinks, too, and buy him some little masks like people with allergies wear outside when they cut their yards.:-DSeriously, I know it's embarrassing. My only comfort zone is at home. When I'm in a public restroom and I know I'm fixing to explode I get so nervous I break out in hives.
Well, thank you so much everyone! I loved all your replies, especially the one about getting a new b/f! I have to say that he usually is pretty understanding, but that particular time in the washroom WAS pretty bad. But I did have a candle going and sprayed lots, and lots and lots.... but I guess it still didn't work. (I sure felt good afterwards though, almost human!) Maybe I will try the flushing thing every few minutes and see if that helps. And I'll try some of the other things, too, because sometimes I can't even stand the smell myself. LOL.I am so glad that I found this site. Thanks again everyone.
Important tip of the day:Flush as you are, um, how shall I say, releasing?That helps a lot, especially in public restrooms where the flush is fast.
Oh yes! The magic flush! That's a very good point.A very good one indeed.Flusing does help clear a little space so one can even breathe. Forget about company and others.At the flush point is simply self survival.I mean really!That too and maybe a little BM by candle ligt?Candle light of the fresh glade variety?Yep, that stinky poo is definately one of the things I think about when trying to decide about a sinful treat to pass my lips.Kamie
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