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Chris-I wish you luck on your courage to quit smoking. I have never been a smoker but both of my parents smoke and I know it is very hard for them to quit. My dad stopped because he had a heart attack 5 months ago. My mom quit for 3 days and was very excited about it. She is going to go for 5 days - every day helps. I am not one of those non-smokers that makes life bad for those that smoke- I dont want this to sound the wrong way- but my mom also talked about it being too late to quit. I told her it is NEVER too late- the only time it is too late is when she is no longer living (whatever the cause). I wish you well. The best advise I can give you is too try not to worry. Far be it from me to say that because I should take my own advise because I am a huge worry wart. Stress and anxiety causes bad chemicals and hormone changes in your body. I try to work on 1 thing every day to not worry and I also try to slow myself down and not try to do everything to "save the world" I need to take care of myself first.
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