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ok i dont smoke but my boyfriend does....... its never too late to quit anything. i smoked alot 20 a day when i was 12-15 years old but i was never addicted was always a fashion "im hard" complex from being a kid...the pain you describe is common for us IBSers but we all get pain in different places different amounts and times.if smoking bothers you that much why havent you given up? if you are that worried you would of as part of theself defense b/f doesnt really think about lung cancer, he knows it's there but somethings got to kill you lol its the only thing you can be sure of. just think though if smoking does drive you mad why are you doing it? its like knowing fire burns you so putting your hand in the flames... no sense, im not tryingt o sound harsh just trying to make you see what you are saying
hope it helps
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