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Hi everyone,

I have been suffering from IBS for the past couple of years now and I have been finding it extremely difficult to find any snack bars that don't cause me any upset. The FODMAP diet does seem to help me, and I know it cannot be for the long-term but I wish there were more things on the market that catered to this diet.

I live in central London and even with the abundance of "healthy" snack bars on the go I simply cannot find any without one or two FODMAP ingredients (they always have dates or raisins!!!). So more recently I have just been making my own snack bars at home, it takes up a lot of time, but they taste awesome and so I see it as being worthwhile

Being a student at business school I thought I might use my entrepreneurial (and snack bar making) skills to start making yummy snack bars with no FODMAP ingredients for my fellow sufferers. So I guess I just wanted to know if other people would be interested in these, or if I am the only one - in which case I will just continue making my homemade ones for me!

Please let me know your thoughts!

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