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Okay; well, I joined a summer pool league a couple of months ago and I have play offs tomorrow. I'm SO nervous. I'm trying not to be, I realize it's just a game and it's only a small cash prize. I'm worried about my IBS acting up. If I had my choide I wouldn't eat anything all day but we start at 10am and there's a good chance that we'll be playing into the evening. It's kind of funny because we went out to practice today and the team captain said "Make sure you get a nice big breakfast in you before you play".
And of course when nerves are involved my stomach can do some really strange stuff. Not to mention the fact that my IBS is ALWAYS worse in the morning. So we play Saturday and Sunday, and then Monday morning I leave for a week long trip. I'm not sure which is stressing me out more!! I'm going with my bf to meet his Mom and stay for a week which is an eight hour drive. I know I'll make it through the drive but all those days.. yikes! She knows about my 'problems' and is going to be very accomodating but it's still embarassing. I just needed to vent a bit and I know everyone here understands.. it's just bad timing to have to do all these things at the same time. I really don't want to let my anxiety get the best of me and I've been trying my best to keep it under control which has been working for some time now.. but these two events are MAJOR anxiety triggers for me!!! I was SO nervous at pool on Tuesday, probably knowing that playoffs are coming up, I was shaking, sweating, and just wanting to get out of there! Anyways.. thanks for listening. I appreciate everyone's support.

Good luck Shyra!! Let us know how the pool tournament comes out! I think its great that you've been able to get out and do this even with IBS. Just keep taking some deep breaths while you are playing. Hope all goes well at the bf's house too! You can do it!!
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