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Some info on Fecal Body odor

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Hey all here's some info I found from an old publication of the Journal of American Medical Association. Your gonna have to rotate the images to read them.1 th doc -> Cause and Treatment of Fecal Body Odor (JAMA 1972 vol 222 issue 13 pg. 1659)2 nd doc -> Fecal Body odor (Response to the first pic) (JAMA 1972 vol 223 issue 10 pg. 1159- 1160)1 is all I could find. I used an all purpose index called ISI Web of Knowledge (terms "fecal body odor"). Obviously our condition is very rare and the medical community has not addressed it yet.From my personal experience I tried this product (Fast Burner)(1) along with digestive enzymes and it seemed to have some effect at first but then it got really worse as I took more product. Now I got acidophilus, chlorophyll, garlic oil and Lecithin. Both (1) and Lecithin target the liver, so my guess is that whatever we have is actually at the liver.(1)
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