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Dear doc i have UC. was told it was only proctitis. i suffer from Anxiety as i have MVP. I was told that only those with left sided colitis or worse colitis could have pain on there left side. its a mild pain i have on my left side by the decending colon. even when im in remission and i push there it hurts a lil. i have been having what i call a mild flare for about a year almost. a lil blood in the stool. the stools formed and just coated 50% in red. sometimes just streaks and sometimes no blood at all. i was just curious if u had any advice for me as to what may be going on? thank u so very much.

No real advice beyond if you are bleeding you need to go back to the doctor to get your medications adjusted to get the flare up back under control.The inflamation of the Inflamatory Bowel Diseases can cause functional problems. So you can have spasms/tenderness/ etc. that is seen in IBS when you are fully in remission. Inflamation can damage the nerves in the gut wall and the functional problems arise from the problems with these nerves.K.
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