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Some questions

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Hello,Im BLC from the Philippines. I've been living with IBS-C for almost a year now, I do not encounter pain in my stomach but i suffer from chronic constipation, my stools are very hard and lumpy (like little balls compacted together) and I do not go everyday maybe about after 3 days or worse until the need to take a laxative. I have been prescribed by my Doctor on taking Zelmac but I'm waiting for it to arrive here, I think this month.I have some questions:Did you know about a laxative called laxoberal (sodium picosulfate)? My doctor prescribed me this when after 3 - 4 days I could not have a bowel movement and it helps just gives me diarrhea occasionally. Is this more addictive than Senna?Also about 3 months ago I feel that I'm getting better. I exercise and retrained my bowels to make me evacuate everyday by heavy straining although the stool is still hard but at least I go everyday for 2 months until a point that my it become too active and one day I had diarrhea after eating. The chronic constipation rebounded again and didn't go away and I had to take laxatives again. Why is that so? Can you give me any helpful suggestions? Thank you.
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