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Some that works- (for me)

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Hey all, When I was reading here a lot I always thought that when people finally did find something that worked they probably didnt come back and tell about it because they no longer needed support. So, I just thought I would come back and let everyone know that I found something that worked for me. I hope it helps somebody.Ive been taking probiotics, specifically Natures Way Primadophilus and almost imediately felt 99% better. For the past six months I have been on a very bland diet but just the other day I had a hamburger, fries, two beers and a turkey sandwich with cheese and had no problems. I admit that I probably can't eat like that all the time and still feel good but as long as I can do it once a week or so Im happy. No Diarrhea for three weeks now and I used to get it daily. If you try it be sure that the place you buy it from keeps it refrigerated and do so yourself as well. I have heard stories that taking three or four a day at first is good but just taking one worked for me. Good luck.
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